My Fried Chicken, Pork chops or Cubed Steak
This is how I fry a lot of things...
1 large    cast iron pan with lid  
2   chickens cut up (can use pork chops or cubed steak)  
  garlic salt  
  self rising flour  
1 Wash each chicken piece completely in warm water. Pull off slime and bits of fat and skin. Soak Chicken for 30 minutes in salted water drain and wash well. Then soak overnight in fresh salt water. This will take out the impurities. (we did this when I was a kid to help remove blood etc from freshly killed meats... but I believe that it is still needed with all the hormones in our store bought products even more!)
2 Next day drain off water from chicken and soak in fresh cold water to rinse. Pour flour into a bowl you can dredge the chicken into. Pepper the flour until it looks dark if you do not like it too peppery use less pepper. (if you use 2 cups of flour I would prolly have 1/4 cup pepper.)
3 Warm cast-iron pan and add lard and butter. When a sprinkle of flour sizzles in the grease it is ready to fry. (both butter and lard are less solid than crisco and margarine. This shows to me that they are less saturated, PERIOD companies re-saturate before selling so they hold thier shape. This allows them to say... made with unsaturated... but does not mean the finished product is unsaturated.) IF you are confused about this call me.
4 Dredge the chicken pieces into the flour covering each piece completely and then place into pan allowing room for grease to boil around it slightly. Fill pan with chicken allowing each peice to have room to cook. Once a piece is brown on both sides you can stack them. Keep lid on chicken after all pieces are in pan and cook for one hour turning to prevent burning on med heat.
Servings: 1
 Recipe Source

Source: Paula ARG Kernachan

This is a combination of the way I remember my mother and granny cooking chicken fried meats. We also use the remaining grease to make the best gravy. Serve with mashed potatoes, sweet peas and home made biscuits and gravy. Now that's the way my mama did it!

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