Keatons Style Chicken
Before old man Keaton died... his chicken was awesome.... however, to me it is just not the same now. This recipe reminds me of what it was... when I was a younger girl.
1 stick    butter  
3 med    onions cut up into rings  
1 large    Tabasco Sauce  
6 oz    jar Texas Pete  
1/2 pod    garlic (at least 6 cloves)  
1/2 cup    cider vinegar  
1 cup    water  
1 tsp    dry mustard  
1 tsp    salt  
1/2 tsp    pepper  
1 Tbs    garlic salt  
  chicken parts with bones  
1 Mix together hot sauces, vinegar, water and spices in bowl. Set aside for chicken.
2 Place pieces of chicken in large pan, about 13 x 9- inch. Salt and pepper chicken, dot butter on tops of chicken, place onion rings over chicken, then cover with all of the hot sauce mixture.
3 Cook in oven first for 1 hour at 350 Remove chicken from baking pour off all juices. Let cool to touch (or may let sit in fridge over night to cool.) Strain juice from pan drippings and save. Taste juice may want to add extra Tabasco or Texas Pete at this time to the sauce...
4 Dredge chicken in flour and fry just to make a crispy coating. Remove chicken from frying pan and drain grease off on paper towels then move to serving tray and drizzle juices over finished chicken and serve with buns or rolls, mayonaise slaw and plenty of iced tea.
Servings: 1
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Source: Paula ARG Kernachan

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